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  • English Speaking Classes in kashipur

  • Personality Development Classes

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  • Fundamentals of English Language

  • Conversation based grammar

  • Situational application of Grammar

  • English in Social situations Greetings

  • Etiquette and manners

  • Practical Vocabulary

  • Pronunciation

  • Accent

  • Difference between British and American English

  • Interview Skill-self presentation

  • Use of body language

  • Public Speaking sessions

  • Before and After class conversation drills

  • Advanced level courses

  • IELTS & TOEFL preparation

If you are planning to study abroad or even looking for professional exposure in international arena, you need to qualify IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE or SAT. All these assessments test your knowledge of English and also the understanding of native phrases, dialects, pronunciation and comprehension abilities through paper based tests and audio tests. You can be sure that with  years of experience we will lead you to success in any of those tests. We have high standards to maintain and we are always ready for challenges, because we always win.

English as a spoken language is perhaps the most widely respected language and has gained the class & status unparalleled by any other language in the world. In countries like India, quality and fluency of English is considered a guaranteed success for making one’s career. Here at Planet Multiservices we the professionals are committed to bring excellence in making English a simple spoken language for every day use. As our logo indicates, we are “The Speaking People” we make English as simple as 1-2-3. The results of our success can be measured through the number of our quality language centers by taking our demo classes.