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Europe is one of the staggering destinations for the students to pursue their studies. It has the most beautiful countries here like Italy, Czech Republic, and Switzerland etc.  The choice to study in Europe should be made because of the large number of MNCs which originated here and the world class education of its colleges.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Italy is a land of civilization and extraordinary class. This niche country has many of the best universities in the world like the University of Bologna(Università di Bologna ) which was the first university to be started worldwide.  The most famous inventors in the world came from Italy and a long line of inventions like electricity and telescope owe their existence to the gifted Italian scientists. You can opt to study in Italy because it has universities like ESMI (European School of management and information technology) which has courses like Masters of Business Administration.  Italy has the most coveted fashion names like Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Gucci belonging to this country. So, the students can have a gala time while studying here.

Europe has many hundreds of higher education institutions, renowned as centres of excellence around the world. However, higher education systems have traditionally been formulated at the national level. Increasing European integration is changing that, with the development of the European Higher Education Area, helping to reinforce the attractiveness of higher education in Europe.

The EHEA is a region with a world-class knowledge base and cutting-edge research facilities in internationally-renowned centres of excellence. This is what attracts hundreds of thousands of foreign students each year to study in Europe.

Increasing mobility and links between national higher education systems serve to reinforce this attraction. Foreign students coming to Europe can see for themselves the amazing diversity available to them (both inside and outside the university), while taking advantage of the smooth transferability of coursework, qualifications and research opportunities.

Studying in the EU costs less than you think!

Education in Europe is considered a basic right. Efforts are taken to ensure that Europe’s more than 6,000 higher education institutions are open to anyone with the appropriate qualifications. Therefore tuition fees in Europe are comparatively affordable. There are many scholarships available that can help you cover the cost of studying in Europe.

European higher education institutions provide a strong support to help your education.

European higher education institutions will support you throughout your studies overseas. These services can include airport transfers, university orientation programmes, accommodation, mentoring, and extra curricular activities – everything that you need to help you settle into your studies and surroundings.


Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Czech Republic had received its sovereignty in the year 1993. The country has magnificent baroque castles and known for its greatness of the education system. The country has an abundant number of jobs. You should study in Czech Republic because it has a recognized education system but available at modest rates. Located in the picturesque location of Prague, the reputed Czech College offers courses like MBA at a low fee of €4950 per year.

Switzerland the name itself resonates, opulence, pristine natural beauty and much more. There is nothing more memorable for a student in this Land of Alps Mountains. Study in Switzerland allows students to pursue career opportunities in a country which is a hub of the most opulent hotels in the world. So, it’s an ideal place for students to pursue degrees because of its attractiveness as a tourist hub.

Manchester The welcoming and cultural diversity that Manchester provides you with makes it the ideal city to study in. Manchester offers you the chance to make friends from all over the globe while adapting to a new environment. In addition to having some of the best educational institutes, Manchester also has the largest student population outside of London. An education in Manchester will put you ahead of the competition and will enhance your future employment.

Berlin has one of the largest economies in Europe. It is Germany’s most popular student city, and is affordable in terms of education, with low living costs. There are a number of museums, theatres and street plays in Berlin that will make studying here worthwhile. A study abroad programme in Berlin will help you better understand the culture, and will assist you in building professional relationships. A study abroad programme in Berlin is an unforgettable experience; one that you will forever hold on to.

Munich is the capital and the largest city of the German state of Bavaria. It is the third largest city in Germany following Berlin and Hamburg. If you are looking to earn an undergraduate or post graduate degree, the range of colleges and Universities in Munich will inspire you. Munich is home to several museums and theatres and is one of the most prosperous and fast growing cities in Germany. It has a strong economy with a low unemployment rate.

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland with the largest financial centres in the world. It is the wealthiest city in Europe and provides several scholarships to international students. If you are planning on studying in Switzerland, look no further than Zurich, it is a city that is known for its quality of life.

Ireland is the perfect destination if you’re considering a study abroad programme in Europe. It has one of the best educational systems and will provide you with world class education. 9 of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies have their establishments in Ireland, moreover they are also one of the largest exporters of pharmaceuticals. Ireland is recognized as an international location for high quality scientific research. An overseas education here will give you the chance to witness some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Europe. Moreover, the Irish people are some of the friendliest people in the world.

Poland is one of the economically stable countries of east Europe and has emerged as a prominent educational hub in the past recent decade. Poland is blessed with some of the attributable features highly compatible to the study environment such as:

Why to study in Poland
  • A growing economy with positive economic growth having joined EU (European Union) in 2004.
  • Highly compatible study environment for the students and especially Indian students.
  • A wider range of study courses for the students intending to join an international school or college.
  • Poland is blessed with rich cultural and most suitable for international students for higher studies.

Malta is a southern European country with Maltese and English as their official language and that too with multi-culture population. People are loving and very co-operative by nature making Malta a perfect place for the students seeking for higher education abroad. University of Malta is one of the oldest universities of the world. Malta has emerged as the first choice destination for the international students for higher education with 45% of the visiting international students.  You can opt from a variety of study courses in the full-time or part-time degree and diploma courses.

Why to study in Malta:
  • The first reason to opt Malta for further higher studies is the most affordable fees structure.
  • Ease of the Students’ Visa Process
  • Malta has got some of the finest universities with varieties of the courses offered to the international students be it engineering, arts, pharmacy, IT, medicine, finance or marketing.
  • There are both private as well as public universities and colleges available in Malta with quality education and accommodation facility.
  • The most commonly used and official language in Malta is English unlike other European countries where language turns out to be a prime barrier for international students.
  • It is the safest place with almost zero crime rates.

Germany – officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany is a beautiful country of Europe. It is after the USA, the second most preferred study destination for the international students intending to go for higher studies abroad. Rich cultural and historical heritage, peaceful atmosphere, and the best educational and research institutes are some of the prime factors enchanting the students across the globe to land at this country for higher studies.

Why to study in Germany
  • Free Education: most of the German universities or colleges offer free education or with a quite lower fees.
  • Scholarship: Having been qualified for a particular study course in Germany, you are sure to get the scholarship from some of the universities.
  • Visa Process: Students’ Visa process for Germany is quite simple and hassle-free.
  • Standard of Living: you would always love to study in Germany because of the safety and security, higher standards of living, and warm-full loving people.
  • Freedom to earn: You are eligible to work part time in Germany during your study and can get 18 months for work search having completed your study.
  • Better Job Opportunities: Germany is best known for Engineering, Medicine, and Information and Technology sectors. You are sure to get the best job opportunities in Germany in this area.

The EU Member States also make every effort to simplify the delivery of visas for overseas students. Online procedures are widely available and you may also get information from your local embassies on visa application procedures

Europe is culturally rich and diverse!

Europe is rich in history and culture. In Europe you will discover that we speak many languages, have diverse culture and traditions. In the EU alone we have 23 official languages. Its landscapes and nature are unmatched around the world. And thanks to the provisions of Schengen Treaty, you may travel throughout most of Europe with only one visa.