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“Luck favors those who are prepared….” At PLANET OVERSEAS we aim at getting every student fully prepared to crack the TOEFL examination. PLANET OVERSEAS is a premier TOEFL preparation & coaching institute with a state of the art facility located in Kashipur, Uttrakhand. We believe in continuously reinventing ourselves and improving our training methods as per the latest industry trends. Our experienced Certified trainers make use of various multimedia tools, technology and proprietary training material to deliver the best in its class TOEFL training & Coaching.



  • Customized training TOEFL Training programmes – Get only the required amount of training on the basis of your Mock test score
  • Excellent Infrastructure, State of the Art Classrooms, Library & Facilities
  • Experienced Cambridge certified trainers with years of industry experience conducting TOEFL Training
  • Latest and most updated TOEFL Coaching course curriculum
  • Free Sample papers and proprietary TOEFL study material
  • Online Student Portal access for all students
  • Regular feedback, performance assessment & personalized attention
  • Choice of taking coaching for individual modules
  • 15 Days Fast track programs available
  • Week End Batches available
  • New Batches starting every week


Full TOEFL Training program: Rs. 8000 + taxes

Only 2 modules: Rs. 5500 + taxes

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TOEFL test details

The Test Of English as a Foreign Language commonly known as TOEFL is an internet- based test iBT which focuses on assessing the proficiency of English language measuring all language skills along with speaking abilities. TOEFL evaluation is an entry requirement for nearly 2400 colleges and universities in United States and Canada. Hence any student wanting to study in US or Canada would need to appear for TOEFL in order to be eligible to apply for admissions. This test measures the candidates English Language efficiency on the basis of all four skills, i.e Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking on a scale of 0-30. The total duration of the test is 4 ½ hours.


TOEFL test is Administered, developed & promoted by Educational Testing Services (ETS) which is a US based organization. ETS is responsible for setting up the questions; conduction of tests, scoring and sending the Score reports to each Examinee.


At Planet Multiservices we provide every candidate with the opportunity to give a free scored mock TOEFL test. On the basis of the candidate’s score and assessment we will recommend the number of coaching sessions and modules that are required for you to secure a good score on TOEFL. This approach helps the candidate save time and money. To register for a Free Scored Mock test, contact us now.



More about the TOEFL

The test is divided into four parts measuring all four language skills. Let’s have a brief look at them:





The reading section consists of 3-5 passages from academic texts, which are approximately 700 words in length along with 12-14 questions about the passages. The duration of the session is 60-100 minutes. All passages are on academic topics extracted from undergraduate university textbooks.



The listening session consists of 4-6 lectures, which are 3-5 minutes in length. The students are required to answer 6 questions asked on the basis of these lectures. The session also includes 2-3 conversations involving 2 speakers. The conversations are 3 minutes long and 5 questions are asked in relevance to the conversation.



The Speaking session consists of 6 tasks, which include 2 independent tasks and 4 integrated tasks. The 2 independent tasks involve expressing opinion on familiar topics. The 4 integrated tasks are sub divided further where in 2 tasks students read a short passage and in the remaining 2 tasks they listen to an academic course lecture or conversation and then answer questions on basis of combining both text and talk.



The Writing session includes one independent and one integrated task in total 2 tasks. The independent task requires students to write an essay supporting their opinion on an issue. In the integrated task, students read a passage on an academic topic and then they listen to a speaker discussing the same topic. At the end they need to write a summary about the topic, which is in relation with reading passage as well as listening passage.


Studying abroad is no more a distance dream and cracking your TOEFL exam takes you one step closer to your dream. We at Planet Multiservices are here to help you at each and every stage of your application process. We are a premier TOEFL Training Center and coaching institute. TOEFL is a common evaluation test for your language skills, however India being a non-native country for English language, students English Language Skills differ as per the region they hail from, the education background and family background. Hence it is very important a student to have proper training and preparations before they appear for the TOEFL test. One may be good with the language but there is always scope for improvement and learning techniques that are required to crack the TOEFL Exam. We at Planet Multiservices with our TOEFL Coaching Classes help you prepare for the exam learn tricks & techniques required to crack the exam. Planet Multiservices gives you the best possible environment, infrastructure and facilities required for TOEFL Training Classes at Kashipur. Contact us for further information on TOEFL Coaching and let us cross the oceans with a snap of fingers.


  1. What is the cost-registration fee for the TOEFL?

The course cost and registration fee depends on your test location. Usually, the cost ranges from US$ 160 to US$ 250. For India the current cost for the TOEFL Exam is US$ 165.


  1. How do I register for the TOEFL?

The registration can be done via phone, by mail or you can also register online. For detailed information on registration log onto www.toefl.org. We at Planet Multiservices can do the TOEFL test registration at any of our offices.


  1. What is the Evaluation Score for the TOEFL test?

The students appearing for the test will be given scores between the ranges 0-30. There are four sections (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) in total and they are clubbed together to give students an overall rating out of 120. Students receive a score card with detailed feedback on the overall performance. The average score needed for most Universities is between 80 & 90.


  1. What is the difference between TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT tests?

Both exams are conducted to evaluate all four language skills of the student. TOEFL iBT is internet based test and is administered online whereas TOEFL PBT is paper based test taken by conventional method which is pen and paper based. In India most centers conduct TOEFL iBT.


  1. How many times in a year is the TOEFL test held?

TOEFL iBT is conducted on specific dates, more than 50 times a year across multiple centers in India. There are at least 2 test dates available per month at every TOEFL test Center. Some locations, which have a high demand, conduct up to 8 tests per month.


  1. Can I reappear for the test? If yes, then how many times?

Yes, one can reappear for the test if you are not satisfied with the scores. There is no limit on the number of times you can appear for the test. However you cannot take it more than once in a 12 days of your existing appointment.


  1. How and when do I get my scores?

Scores are posted online approximately 10 days after the test date. Every student is provided with ID and log in using which you can check your scores online.


  1. What is the minimum score required to clear the TOEFL test?

The scores are evaluated on a scale of 0-30 for every skill where scores ranging between 0-14 is considered low, score between 15-21 is considered as intermediate and score between 22-30 is considered high. The TOEFL score requirement is set by the University and can vary for each University.


  1. What is the validity of the test scores?

The TOEFL test score is valid for two years from the date of result declaration.


  1. How is the score passed to the colleges and universities?

The additional score report is directly sent to the universities you have applied for. Officially four additional score cards are sent to Universities and Colleges.